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The Election is Over: More to Come

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Day 48  352 miles:  March for California's Future

Campaign Video: What you won't read in the LA Times
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Thank you for visiting. In the tab bar above, you’ll see links for PhotosVideo,  Fantasy vs. Reality, and March Journal. The photos and video are  part of my union activism, Fantasy vs. Reality pertains to all the lies and misinformation regarding public education, and the March Journal contains my actual journal from the 48-day, 352-mile March for California’s Future. Yes, I did march that far!

We are in for the fight of our lives, and our opponents are counting on a divided union. Our opponents are about to receive a wake-up call. I am looking forward to continuing to fight on behalf of working class families, parents and children. Thanks for the love, support, and kind messages!

Election Results for the second round were announced Tuesday, March 29, 2011:

Warren Fletcher 4,711 (52.59%)
Julie Washington 4,247 (47.41%)
M.J. (Mary Jan) Roberts 3,385 (54.68%)
Ana Valencia 2,805 (45.32%)
Betty Forrester 1,212 (51.51%)
Linda Guthrie 1,141 (48.49%)
Juan Ramirez 4,214 (51.20%)
Ingrid Gunnell 4017 (48.80%)
Arlene Inouye 4,767 (56.08%)
Scott Johnson 3,734 (43.92%)
David Lyell 4,326 (51.45%)
David Rapkin 4,082 (48.55%)

Jose Lara 486 (56.51%)
Phyllis Williams 374 (43.49%)

Published articles in the USC Annenberg School of Journalism that speak to who I am and what I believe:

Value-added article, including interview with incoming Superintendent John Deasy:

Public School Choice 2.0 voting report:
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Candidate UTLA Secretary

Dear Fellow UTLA Members,
          I'm a veteran 13-year Teacher, and am asking for your vote so I can fight to save our jobs, benefits, and pensions.  I will regularly speak at school board meetings, to bring the discussion back to where it ought to be: district accountability. I can formulate an argument, and have formed relationships with fellow whistle-blowers. We need to follow the money trail. Cortines is now saying we should take furloughs for the '12-'13 school year despite that LAUSD is operating with a huge budget surplus.
          Those of you who know me know that I can get along with, and work well with, anyone. I so get that we are all the real life superheroes. I want to fight on behalf of working class families, parents and teachers. In part because I look for common ground, I was  given the opportunity to represent UTLA for the entire 48-day, 352-mile March for California’s Future, and for the November 2nd campaign as a UTLA/CFT/CTA Campaign Coordinator.
          I’m proficient with computers, including Access 2010, the database program UTLA currently uses to maintain its membership rosters, and will carry out all of the duties of the Secretary as prescribed by the UTLA Constitution.


The information herein represents the views and opinions of the candidate and does not necessarily represent or reflect the opinions of UTLA. Paid for by the Committee to Elect David Lyell